Ferguson, 35, 1957, Nachshon

Model 1957 from the first series. This tractor worked in Nachshon since, until 2008.
The Kibbutz received this tractor as a gift from Ethl & benjamin Shefts, the parents of Joseph and Avri, new immigrants, then from South Africa, and are still Kibbutz memmebrs.
The is tracotr, then considered as modern, worked in field crops, and later in a varety of chores such as haulage, and cultivation, providing full comfort to its operators, as promised by the manufacturer. During the first years, Kibbutz members were competing on the privilage to operate it.
Its last chore was transporting mild from the sheep pen to the dairy.
wrote: Dan Meir.
עודכן: 2022-09-06
 Ferguson 35
 Ferguson 35