About us

In our country, there are a number of collectors of old tractors and agricultural equipment. The collectors are all very keen and spend a great deal of time and money acquiring and repairing this equipment much to the enhancement of their surroundings. One of the best-known collectors is Erez Milshtein from Ein-Vered where tractors have been collected since the beginning of the last century - those tractors used by the farmers to redeem the country.

When Erez left farming he began to collect item after item discovering what was hidden in the beautiful scenery and the rubbish dumps of the moshavim, the kibbutzim and settlements. In one decade Erez has succeeded in saving more than a hundred items of motorized equipment and dozens of allied items most of which have been repaired to a mobile state or are still being reconstructed. Later on, Yair Misch joind with his life-work collection of artifacts such as craftsman tools, ornaments and equipments the "Agron" (derived from the word gather)

To promote the vision, we established, in 6 October 2003, a non-profit organization (number: 040-311-1): "Lev-Hasharon Museum (private) for the history of tractors, agricultural machinery and the rural in Lev Hasharon" aiming:

To operate, maintain and establish a house and carry out activities for the acquisition, maintenance and display of agricultural tractors equipment and tools that fit into the objectives of the association.

Members of the excutive committee are:

Erez Milstein, Ein Vered (founder); Abraham Nantel, Hod-HaSharon (CEO); Ayala Sivan, Tel-Mond (treasurer); Itzik Merkado, Givataim; Ami Katz, Ramat Hashron (founder); Dani Malka, Kiryat-Gat; Arnon Ginat, Omer; Lavi Zamir, Yaaf; Zalman Zamir, Herut Doron Fuchs, Givataim; Shmuel Amir, Tel-Mond;

Audit Committee: Gadi Zilberstein, Harutzim; Rafi Scop, Givataim; Rami Dor, Rishpon;

Amit Gal (Attr.) Avidor-Berdichev, Accountant

The collection is displayed to the public at Ein-Vered, in the Sharon. The place is shaded with plenty of parking space, and equipped with toilet facilities.

The site is open to the public every day except Wednesdays 08:30 - 13:00; Saturdays and Holidays: 09:00 - 14:00
During weekdays, visits for groups of 25 persons (or more) can be coordinated with:
Erez, phone 052-2452457, or with
Baruch phone 050-9273733.
Admission fee:
Individuals: 25 NIS per person
Groups of 15 person or more: 20 NIS per person
Children under the age of 18 months: free admittance
Complementary warm drink included.