The collection is displayed to the public at Ein-Vered, in the Sharon. The place is shaded with plenty of parking space, and equipped with toilet facilities.

The site is open to the public every day except Wednesdays 08:30 - 13:00; Saturdays and Holidays: 09:00 - 13:00
During weekdays, visits for groups of 25 persons (or more) can be coordinated with:
Erez, phone 052-2452457, or with
Baruch phone 050-9273733.
Admission fee:
Individuals: 25 NIS per person
Groups of 15 person or more: 20 NIS per person
Children under the age of 18 months: free admittance
Complementary warm drink included.


Space is short to list all those who contribute to maintain and promote the vision and goals of the association. A few to mention that cover some of our expenses are the Hecht foundation and Banai foundation; Others that provide some of our inputs: Baetrries: E. Schnapp & Co. Works Ltd.; Alliance; Sand blasting: Judah Baruch-El from "HaHetz"; Guidance: Shmuel Amir, Duba andeiGideon Mazor, Erez Milshtein, Yaim Mish, Ayala Sivan, Zalman Zamir; Metal works: Moti Zelniker from "Adi 2000"; gasiline: Jonah Avrech; Electrical works: Doron Fuchs, Rafi Scop; Transportation services: "Avi Cranes", Zvika Maor, Baruch Goldshtat and Haim Shapira; Print works: Yossi Kidushim and Israel Gildov; Translation: Shmuel Amid, , Muriel Harris, Maya Hetzroni and Robert Karmak; Secretariat: Rom Milshtein, Ester Shturch and Etti Maralli-Ben-Eliezer; Graphic and design: Shmuel Amir, Alon Hetzroni, Nizan Pozner, Ayala Sivan; Doron Dagan, Zalman Druker, Haim Pearlmutter and Roni Shoval provide temporary storage for our collection; Breakfast team: Baruch Goldshtat, Ami Katz, Amiram Rabinovitch and Moshe Sade and especially the devoted team that faithfully report every week for restoration, renovation and maintenance jobs: Zvi Osher, Yigal, Eyal and Jaccob Ben-David, Tomer Ben-Shalom, Amnon Berazovski, Yossi Beilly, Gideon Grossman, Yiftach Dubnov, Roni Doron, Yirmiaho Daskel, Tom HaGiladi, Avi Halevi, Eric Izhar, Yehuda Levin, Yaakov Lenkovitch, Gilad Lipermann, Shraga Mazor, Issac Merkado, Yigal Nir, Yanai Koren, Arie Kroket, Amiram Rabinovitz, Uri Rave (deceased), Hain Rosen, Yossi Sheinkin, and Gadi Zilberstein.

Personal stories on agricultural tools, pictures, items to display - all are welcomed and will be given appropriate credit.